Junior and Youth Inline Hockey Skates

Skate size and shoe size run different. This is a major contributor to players getting the wrong sized skate for their feet. For junior hockey skates, skate size is generally 1.0 sizes smaller than US shoe size. For example, if wearing a size US 5.0 shoe, you would be a skate size 4.0.  This can vary between various skate and shoe models and is strictly a general guideline. Youth hockey skates are meant for the youngest players, typically ages 2 - 7, and they run from hockey skate size youth 6.0 to 13.5. Junior hockey skates are generally sized for 7 - 13 year old skaters, with skate sizes running from junior 1.0 - 5.5.

Getting the proper sized skate is essential in unlocking the full potential of a skate and your stride. If your skate is too big, your foot will move inside the boot, resulting in blisters and a noticeable decrease in skating ability. Strong strides come from having a skate that is working in unison with the foot of the player. When trying on skates, you want your toes to barely graze the top of the skate, while kicking your heel back in your skate. When you finish lacing your skates, they should feel very snug and your foot should rest comfortably in the foot bed. When sizing children, go up a half size to account for growing room. A half-size bigger is widely accepted to be enough growing room without compromising the skating ability of the child.